ProQuest Global Education Award

Global Education Award, Sponsored by ProQuest Information and Learning

Purpose and Eligibility

ProQuest LogoThe purpose of this award is to honor a current elementary or secondary teacher who conveys to his/her students an appreciation of diverse cultures, and infuses a global awareness via the instructional process throughout the school year. The teacher must exhibit at least two of the following recommended strategies in a portfolio, as outlined below. The winner must be available to attend both the annual conference and the awards dinner.


  1. Demonstrates that individuals and groups throughout the world hold multiple perspectives on the state of the world and that these views must be respected.
  2. Integrates current events occurring in industrialized and developing nations, and their impact on other nations, the United States, local communities, and students’ lives.
  3. Examines a global issue, such as violation of human rights, child labor, diminishing natural resources, overpopulation, poverty and hunger, environmental degradation, or human conflicts, and their consequences on the world’s people.
  4. Compares and contrasts one or more cultures, emphasizing the commonalities rather than the differences of the human family.
  5. Demonstrates the interdependence of nations in the increasing globalization of the world’s cultural, political, economic, and social spheres.
  6. Analyzes the importance of choices made by individuals, groups and nations, and how these choices may impact the future of the world.
  7. Evaluates the role of non-governmental organizations (ie. The United Nations), or well-known individuals in their efforts to ensure equity and justice to the human condition.
  8. Practices effective communication, negotiation, and mediation skills, and ways to improve the quality of life for all people, and to promote a more peaceful world.
  9. Engages students in civic action, implementing the “Think globally, act locally” concept to affect positive change.
  10. Conducts a school-wide or district-wide model United Nations simulation.

Applicants are required to submit the following no later than May 1st of each year.

  1. A well-organized portfolio that includes lesson plans that reflect at least 2 of the strategies, samples of student activities, or projects, map work, photographs, or other evidence of strategies.
  2. A one-page essay reflecting the applicant’s philosophy of why students must be globally aware and active.
  3. Two letters of recommendation, one being from the applicant’s principal or supervisor.
  4. A current resume.
  5. A completed application form


$1,000 Cash prize

Application form, along with portfolio, supporting evidence and qualifying statement, is due no later than May 1st of each year.

Please mail completed applications and for more information please contact: Cheri Arnette, FCSS Awards Co-Chair, J.E. Hall Center, 30 East Texar Dr., Suite 133, Pensacola, FL, 32504


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